Only one film camera left …


Michael Johnson at the Online Photographer has been publishing a list of his top 10 cameras for the past few years. Mike these days is a digital photographer, but he writes about all things photography related – art, history, journalism, cameras – anything that touches the subject. His writing is very subjective and personal, and all the more enjoyable to read for it. Of course it means when he does review cameras, he gets a lot of stick from the techy nerdy wing of photographers who will berate him for preferring one camera over another, despite the ‘nother camera being more technically advanced, or having better IQ (know what that is??) or whatever. Mike takes it in his stride and makes no apologies, so I come back to read him almost daily.

Anyway, the one and only film camera on this years top 10 list is the new Zeiss Ikon (pictured above). It’s a thing of beauty and desirability, and probably produces great photographs in the right hands. But if I was spending that kind of money I would be thinking of a second hand Hasselblad, a couple of lenses, and change left over for film. Looks like a camera for wealthy collectors – recession or no recession.

– Rory

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