Another outing

So early last Sunday morning I rolled out of bed just before five, stumbled into our drizzly hard water shower and closed my eyes again as the water teased the sleep out. I could have slept in the shower. Another four bodies also pulled themselves into the day, and we met an hour later at the side of the road at the end of the Ballincollig bypass. Dumping one car in a pub car park, we drove to An Gearagh near Macroom to photograph the dawn across the still ESB lake with it’s ancient tree stumps poking their heads into the light from the murky depths below. It was cold, but it was beautiful.

No photos to post yet. Maybe tomorrow, if the roll of colour I get back from the chemist has even one gem to match that magical dawn. More to follow ….

– Rory


One response to “Another outing

  1. As it turns out, I left the wrong roll of film into the chemist. I have dropped in what I hope is the right roll now, but it won’t be ready till Tuesday …

    – Rory

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