Drying fibre based prints

Came across this in an old copy of Black & White Photography magazine (Dec 2007, issue 80).

It follows on from a discussion at a CorkAP meeting recently on the same topic (hint: don’t dry your prints by taping them emulsion side in to a shower door. You’ll get a nice image transfer, but the print will be ruined!).

Click on the image to read it.

– Rory

2 responses to “Drying fibre based prints

  1. After the above mentioned disaster with a shower door, the easiest way to dry prints is to put them down on a tiled floor and put the little glass tumblers that tea lights go into all around the edges and leave them overnight. Shot glasses would work just as well 🙂 You will have poker straight prints in the morning. No need for any carpentry !!!

  2. hehe. well, I’m not really planning on any carpentary, but I guess I won’t stick em to the shower door either! always found heavy books to work pretty well

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